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Our Biography 

      Originating from opposite sides of the world (USA/France), Bret and Joëlle Navarre found each other through dance, and quickly realized they belonged together. Ever since, they have been traveling the world teaching, competing, performing, judging, and spreading West Coast Swing. They bring their own style to the dance floor, coming from a fusion of Bret's background in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Latin, and Ballroom, mixed with Joëlle's skills from Hip Hop, Belly Dance, Salsa, and Afro-Caribbean Dances.

     They organize together "Med in Swing", a social WCS event in South of France, focused on dancing, learning and having fun! Between the both of them, they combine over 25 years of experience dancing and teaching. They are mostly recognized for their pedagogy, focusing on making their students understand the techniques and mechanisms involved in West Coast Swing, while maintaining a fun and welcoming learning atmosphere.

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